Top 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

The Top 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

Published: February 24, 2021

Everybody wants us to join something. Join this streaming service, join this organization to make a difference in your community or join the PTA. The constant ask to join, join, join creates a lot of fatigue. However, when you ask someone to join because it will put them and their family in a strong financial position, people begin to pay attention. So what are the main reasons a person would consider to join a Credit Union?

The number one reason people seek out a credit union is trust. When it comes to “your money,” people want to fully trust the people and institution that is charged with securing the funds people rely on each day. And the only way to deliver that is through a real relationship. Authenticity is hard to come by, but potential members are craving that reassurance from associates who care deeply about their financial well being instead of another pushy sales person. How is your Credit Union doing there? 

But caring for the individual is often not enough. The second most important thing potential and current members want to see is how much your Credit Union cares about the community. What is your Credit Union’s current active involvement within the community you are nestled in? Are you investing in local job growth, school scholarships and supporting local businesses? Your community involvement matters, but letting people know how you are bringing the community together matters more. 

And finally, what do you have to offer? In the end, of course, potential members want competitive banking. Do you offer better loan rates than the big banks? Can a member earn a dividend or receive a better service experience? These are the critical things members look to when considering their banking options. When they describe their experience with your Credit Union, will they pay it disheartened lip service or truly detail a satisfied personal experience that moved them to a place where they feel like a member and not a number. 

Take a few minutes today to consider how your Credit Union is doing in these key areas. Are you giving potential members a great reason to join, or a strong desire to look somewhere else?