The 6° Software platform makes it easy for the credit union executive leadership to view all the member engagement efforts happening across its multi-functional teams.

First Capital Federal Credit Union

Client Case Study

How a CRM designed for credit unions makes business development easier and more strategic.

Thanks to the 6˚'s solution, Lisa is revamping her business development program to be more strategic and efficient. Her goal: Increasing engagement by targeting the businesses that have shown the most interest and potential—instead of expending precious resources on less likely candidates.

6˚ software makes such targeting possible. Find out more by reading our full case study

Deeper Dive Into MRM

6° Software is a user-friendly, collaborative tool designed to manage, track, and measure the value of member events, touchpoints and tasks.

6° Software also gives everyone at the credit union a more complete view of what’s happening with its members across marketing and business development.

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