Customer journeys are flat.
They revolve around contracts and billing -- dates and numbers.
Member journeys are layered.
They don’t revolve -- they evolve.
They grow.

Whether you’re SEG or community

Credit Unions built 6° Software with us because a member’s journey doesn’t stop when they open an account — it’s just begun!

Whether you’re SEG or Community, have many locations or a single building, have billions in assets or a handful of members your success or failure sits atop a foundation built from each member relationship.

Our Purpose

6° Software helps you easily visualize and manage that foundation through intuitive design, intelligent reporting, and smart time management tools that evolve with you as you evolve with your members.

You can easily accept and assign tasks as well as manage your day with credit union specific functionality.

Secure Cloud-based Solution

Installation is simple, your data is secure, and if your device has a browser it can run 6°!


Our reports reflect what’s important to you — and to your members. Through data imports and our state of the art tool you’ll always have visibility into the impact of your activities on both your credit union and your membership!


Our technology is evolving daily to better fit the needs of our credit unions. If you want to keep up to date on what’s new and follow trends in the industry click the subscribe button below.