Invest in the employee experience

Invest in the Employee Experience

Published: January 11th, 2021

There are so many applicable trends out there to pursue that you can end up chasing your tail and accomplishing nothing. When it comes to the total success of your credit union, a positive employee experience can not be underestimated as a top priority to focus on going into 2021.

The two main components that each leadership team should consider when improving their office culture is inclusion and diversity. While it is critical to ensure that your organization is free of any discrimination, it is important to realize that diversity and inclusion go beyond gender and race. According to Deloitte, “Credit Unions with inclusive environments are 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes.” 

Now that I have 8x more of your attention, consider what a better business outcome means to you? Of course, better returns for members should lead the way when ranking positive outcomes. What about being recognized as the most trusted credit union or the best employer in your category or community? Those are hard-earned titles that matter to employees and the members that visit you in person or online every day. 

How can you influence better business outcomes through diversity and inclusion? Diversity is driven by the varying perspectives held by your staff. This is where creative solutions reside. For example: if you have five core goals to reach in a year, let the five people who are great at one of each of those five goals to lead the way. No one can be great at everything. That just leads to burnout (for all our multi-hat wearers). Stack the deck in your favor by evenly sharing the wealth of knowledge, backgrounds and life experience between the champions you have on staff. Diversity generates a strong strategy to reaching goals. 

When employees feel relevant and a part of a shared goal, you are on track to full inclusion. It’s hard to be fully bought in on the team without a clear vision where your credit union is going. Make time to bring your whole team together periodically to articulate the “big picture” of what you want to achieve. When staff members are treated equitably and with respect, they buy in to those goals and work hard to reach them as a unified team. When you bring a diverse group of people together who are great at different things and allow them to move forward as a team, you’ve created a culture that is healthy and bound for success. 

If you asked each employee today to be honest about their current experience, what do you think they would say?