What makes an MRM different from a CRM?

Traditional CRMs were designed for the “always be closing” culture of traditional selling. In this scenario, the relationship ends when a contract is signed. 6 Degrees was created to make it easy to build new relationships and maintain the ones that already exist for the long term. 

Is 6 Degrees designed for SEG or Community Credit Unions?

It works great in both models. 

What sized credit union benefits most from deploying an MRM?

Credit unions of many sizes have deployed 6 Degrees. If your members are your mission then you can benefit from our SaaS (software as a service) solution. 

Is 6 Degrees cloud-based or deployed on-premise? 

6 Degrees is a cloud-based system built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is the “gold standard” approach for today’s technology. 

Can 6 Degrees accept data from the core software or legacy CRMs we’re already using? 

Yes. This is done through a very common technical approach using APIs.

Who else uses 6 Degrees besides credit unions? 

No one. 6 Degrees was developed specifically for the unique member relationship management needs of credit unions.

What is Bitwise Industries? 

Bitwise Industries is the developer of 6 Degrees and its parent company. It is headquartered in Fresno, California and creates technologies for a variety of industries such as healthcare, social services, hospitality, etc.

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