Has COVID Changed Everything?

Published: December 15th, 2020

The old me wants to say “no” so I can be comfortable and stay where I was prior to the pandemic.

But when I think about doing business in a post-Covid environment. I know the answer is yes. We’ve all changed somehow. But I am certain that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing.

If we allow our minds to go there, change can be great. When you have to adapt to a prescribed new normal, you enter into a growth mode where you are forced to be creative in order to survive.

Consider how fast your team had masks and hand sanitizer available while dividing your remaining floor space into six-foot chunks. You figured out how and made it happen to the best of your resources and ability. But there’s still more to do. 

No matter what guidelines the future holds, one thing remains true for Credit Unions: member relationships are the top priority. That will never change.

What opportunity have you considered changing to improve that priority?

Six Degrees Software is a Member Relationship Management tool (MRM) that greatly increases member engagement. Since it is a cloud-based solution, there is no installation on a local system. You simply give access to the team members and they log in through a basic web browser. It’s completely secure, easy to use, and gives users a new understanding of how to best serve members. Six Degrees Software was made by credit unions to develop member relationships. This isn’t a tool to close deals. 

Even though your credit union’s priority to members has not changed, the way you achieve better results can always improve. Do you want to deepen member relationships, reduce attrition, have more visibility to member interactions and inquiries? Six Degrees Software is the best way to reach your stated goals. 

What positive post-Covid change will you make?