About Us

To understand Bitwise Industries, you first need to forget a lot of what you learned at business school.

six degrees

We’re about people over profits

Six Degrees MRM is a product of Bitwise Industries. We were born out of a desire to bring good paying jobs and companies to Fresno, California. Fresno has been a mostly agricultural-based economy. As the national economy changed, many of Fresno’s best and brightest young people left town for high tech opportunities elsewhere.

This left a huge hole in Fresno’s future. Fortunately, our founders had a vision. If they could create low-cost technology education, maybe some of Fresno’s talent would stay closer to home.

With that in mind, Geekwise Academy began in 2013. Through investment and elbow grease, vacant buildings in downtown Fresno became home for our Geekwise campus. Geekwise has now taught more than 4,000 students to code and focuses on building on-ramps for those traditionally left out of the technology industry.

Women and people of color make up more than 50% of Geekwise students. The more people we teach, the more talent grows – creating a diverse army of developers ready to share their genius with the world.

Bitwise also employs many new developers to develop products like 6 Degrees. We especially love building solutions that address important social issues like credit unions, transportation for the disabled, home health, and addiction, to name a few.

We’re not into company jets, space travel or buying private islands. However, we are into creating education opportunities, higher paying jobs and technology-driven companies -- especially in underdog cities.