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September 20, 2019


Let's Do This Thing!

This first blog post is the culmination of a whole lot of team effort. That might sound cliché, but in the case of the 6 Degrees, it’s really true.

I’m also personally excited about launching this product at such a critical time for the financial services industry. It’s been a while since so many changes were converging including; mobile banking, location-less banking, data security, and the whole fintech revolution.

Like credit unions themselves, we want to be driven by the needs of individuals. We repeatedly heard from credit unions that they want to understand their members well enough that they can always offer the best possible financial information so members can make the best possible financial decisions for themselves and their families. We at 6 Degrees are committed to doing our best to enable that desire.

To provide additional context, the 6 Degrees product in its current form, started from another project in the Bitwise family of companies. It was a custom software development project initiated by a California based credit union. The credit union wanted to significantly improve its relationship with SEG customers through enhanced communication, event tracking, team reporting, ROI analysis, etc.

With the help and feedback of the original credit union and many others, we are now ready to make 6 Degrees available to the general credit union population.

This is unlike any other technology product developed specifically for credit unions. 6 Degrees is a Software-as-a-Service solution, which is basically the industry’s way of saying that the product is delivered on the internet (in the cloud) and is accessible from any device able to access the internet via a web browser.

As a SaaS solution, 6 Degrees can be enhanced at any time without any involvement by its customers. This means credit unions are always using the latest, greatest version of the product as part of their subscription.

Additionally, 6 Degrees is being developed using “agile” development methodology. This means the current version of the product is just that, current. We are always working to improve and enhance the solution.

Sometimes those improvement ideas come to us in our sleep or as we talk about the product internally (yes, there is a reason for all those meetings) – but mostly the product enhancements are the result of feedback from you, the customer. Again, because it’s a cloud-based application, we are often able to make improvements in the blink of an eye. It’s actually harder than blinking your eyes, but you get the point.

What will the 6 Degrees product eventually become? It’s probably too early to say, but I’m confident that if we do a great job listening to the specific needs of credit unions, it will become a critical tool continuously used by credit union business development and marketing teams to serve their members better.

We’ll need your help to be successful. All feedback is welcome… positive or even more positive. So please feel free to contact me whenever you have a suggestion or a complaint. You will be able to tell a lot about our team as we respond to your feedback.