Managing Member Relationships like … Members, not Customers

Increase engagement with
Member Relationship Management (MRM)

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What is an MRM?

A new category of software designed to grow Credit Unions and increase Member engagement.

MRM is a whole new category of “member-first” SaaS technology. Running your solution in the cloud means your product is always up to date and secure.

6° Software also gives everyone at the credit union a more complete view of what’s happening with its members across marketing and business development.

Our Purpose

Credit Unions invest thousands of dollars every year to engage members to drive growth, increase wallet share, and reduce attrition. But they haven’t had a tool specifically designed to capture the value of their investment, until now.

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The Value

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A user-friendly, cloud-based, collaborative tool to manage member engagement events & touchpoints.

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Build deeper relationships with member groups to identify your best areas for growth.

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As part of the 6° Software community, you will influence the evolution of its features.

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Drive membership, PPH growth, capture greater wallet-share, and increase product utilization.

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Produce impactful reports to realize the value of your investment to decide where to allocate resources.

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A New Vision of Productivity

We decided to abandon tradition and refer to 6˚ as an MRM (Member Relationship Management) rather than the traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

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A New Generation of Solutions

CRMs were designed in the ’90s to help sales forces close deals. They were never created to develop relationships. We think there’s a better way to engage your members.

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A New Level of Understanding

6° gives everyone at the credit union — from marketing, business development, to the executive team a more complete view of what’s happening with members and how to best assist them.

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